a map of Occorom and the surrounding region

"Words were the only net to catch a mood, the only sure weapon against oblivion." ~Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver

Occorom is a kingdom on the western coast ruled by King Bertram and Queen Hope, Rina’s parents. The capital city lies in the south of the country and most of the people live along the coast. In the north it is very mountainous and sparsely populated. This is not only because of the inhospitable environment, but also because the northern regions are dense with magical creatures of all kinds. Though few are directly malicious, the human inhabitants of the country view them with suspicion and fear; the magical creatures of Occorom are independent and recognize no human authority.

Tarra: sitting in the southern corner of the country near the coast, Tarra hosts the palace of the royal family with whimsical gardens inside the walls and a bustling capital city outside.  The majority of towns in Occorom are in the rich pasture land south near the river and along the coast, so Tarra places itself right in the middle of it all.


Aniarituam is a beautiful country south of Occorom and the birthplace of Queen Hope. Centuries before, Occorom and Aniarituam were one unified country, but the mistakes of the king at the time made an ugly division and Aniarituam separated into its own nation. Though still fiercely independent and proud of their own identity, they now have friendly relations with Occorom and were even happy to give one of their nobles to Occorom in marriage: namely, Queen Hope, Rina’s mother.


Aisinut is a small country on the coast between Occorom and Airelga and the merchant capital of the region. They always name the firstborn prince Gabriel, and Prince Gabriel IXXX is in this tradition.

Eihoter: sitting in the crook of a small cape, Eihoter is ideally located to be the center of all the trade coming and going across the Ainocco Ocean.

Merrell's Gorge

This is a deep gorge running north to south in the heart of the Kawaru Forest in southern Occorom for several miles and protected with a powerful spell by Merrell the ogre, whom no one has ever seen. To cross over to the deeply magical lands on the other side, a traveler must give him whatever items Merrell demands.


Roughly five times the size of Occorom, Airelga lies on its eastern border. The other countries in the region fear it for its size, population, wealth, military strength, and unbridled ambition. This is the home country of Prince Hangree, the prince Rina is betrothed to.

Reigla: Reigla doesn’t lie near the coast or the wealthy mines of the east; its location is strictly strategic for war.  Close to both Occorom and Aisinut, it allows Airelga to keep an eye on its neighbors.  The city is filled with the blindingly white houses of the rich.  The palace sits on a rise, causing it to tower over the rest of the city, and is a combination of imposing and luxurious architecture.  It does have extensive gardens and tracks for racing horses, Hangree’s favorite pastime.


North of Occorom across the sea, this nation is peaceful and culturally vibrant. This is the home of Prince Rino, betrothed to Amorette.

Dirdam: located farther north on the coast, beautiful and bright, with a festival every other week

Roozan's Mountain

Also known as Sunview Mountain, it is located in the northeastern corner of Occorom and is mainly the home of Roozan the dragon. A host of other magical beasts, both good and bad, have made their home on and around the mountain. It is one of the higher mountains around (hence the name Sunview) and admired for its beauty, but though they know he is friendly, the other beasts of questionable friendliness keep most visitors from the mountain.

Mount Makoto Hansha

A mysterious mountain home to the deepest magic. Strange things have happened here.