Character Profiles

an in-depth look at the characters from Dragon's Heart

"Words were the only net to catch a mood, the only sure weapon against oblivion." ~Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver
Princess Rina

Species: human

Age: 19

Gender: female

Home: Occorom

Appearance: black hair, tall, thin, dark green eyes

Family: Queen Hope, King Bertram, Princess Amorette, Crown Princess Honoria

Talents/powers: getting into arguments

Hobbies: reading random books in the library

Fears: fire, bad choices

Personality: short-tempered, daring

Goals: to not end up in a bad marriage

Notes: Above all, Rina is afraid of ending up in a bad situation.  She’s not afraid of doing whatever it takes to escape the consequences of someone else’s terrible decision.  She’d rather do something radical than get stuck in unpleasant circumstances.


Species: dragon

Age: 200+/-

Gender: male

Home: Roozan’s Mountain/Sunview Mountain

Appearance: green scales, red spikes, yellow eyes

Family members: unknown

Talents/powers: fire-breathing and rescuing princesses

Hobbies: watching clouds blow by

Fears: failing to protect his mountain

Personality: kind, gentle, protective, generous

Goals: protect his mountain from the malicious magical beasts

Notes: Roozan is very steady-minded, and considers himself the guardian of his mountain and the host of all the creatures that inhabit it.  So it is no question in his mind to offer shelter to a certain princess that comes to his mountain…

Prince Hangree

Species: human

Age: 22

Gender: male

Home: Reigla, Airegla

Appearance: tall, sandy blond hair, pale, freckled face, icy blue eyes

Family members: King Nego XV, Queen Poffa III, Princess Amaris XXVIII

Talents/powers: horse-back riding (best in all the region), winning games

Hobbies: horse racing

Fears: not getting his way

Personality: angry, arrogant, controlling, vain, greedy

Goals: to be the best and have everyone obey him

Notes: Prince Hangree basically has ego issues.  He wants to control the way people think about him and treat him so he won’t be insulted in any way.  He thinks he is the most charming, interesting, talented prince in the region, and he’ll go to great lengths to make sure everyone else thinks it too.

Queen Hope

Species: human

Age: 48

Gender: female

Home: Occorom (originally from Aniarituam)

Appearance: black hair, blue eyes, short

Family members: King Bertram, Princess Rina, Crown Princess Honoria, Princess Amorette

Talents/powers: getting her way

Hobbies: training her pet birds

Fears: her family falling into misfortune

Personality: forceful, stubborn, sensitive

Goals: secure all her family members into safe situations

Notes: Queen Hope and Rina have a rocky relationship, with both of them being head-strong and stubborn.  Queen Hope wants her children to be safe and dictate what they do; Rina, meanwhile, hates rules and limitations.

King Bertram

Species: human

Age: 51

Gender: male

Home: Occorom

Appearance: graying hair, getting round

Family members: Queen Hope, Crown Princess Honoria, Princess Amorette, Princess Rina

Talents/powers: solving disputes

Hobbies: listening to the bard sing stories

Fears: that he will be found unworthy of great songs

Personality: amiable, quiet but driven

Goals: securing peace and good relations between countries

Notes: King Bertram mostly follows his wife’s lead when it comes to the family, but in matters of the kingdom he is a great leader in his own right.  He wants to be seen as in control of every situation.  Yet he is getting older and he is content to pass his responsibilities into other capable hands, including the ruling of the kingdom and the looking after of his daughters.

Princess Amorette

Species: human

Age: 16

Gender: female

Home: Occorom

Appearance: small, fair skin, sky blue eyes, auburn hair

Family members: Queen Hope, King Bertram, Crown Princess Honoria, Princess Amorette

Talents/powers: needlework

Hobbies: growing rare plants

Fears: wild animals

Personality: sweet, complying, gentle

Goals: to make everyone happy

Notes: Princess Amorette hates conflict of all kind and tries to make the best of every situation.  She doesn’t always agree with others, but she would rather bend to their wishes than fight about it.

Crown Princess Honoria

Species: human

Age: 21

Gender: female

Home: Occorom

Appearance: black hair, tall, tan

Family members: Queen Hope, King Bertram, Princess Rina, Princess Amorette

Talents/powers: leadership

Hobbies: hunting with her prized hound dogs

Fears: being laughed at, failure

Personality: proud, collected, commanding, sometimes impatient

Goals: being a good queen

Notes: Honoria isn’t close to either of her sisters, and while Rina often thinks this is because she’s too haughty, in reality Honoria is just single-minded.  She takes her destiny as future ruler of Occorom very seriously and never had much time for the games and goofiness of her sisters.  As she sees it, there is no time to waste in games.  Though not yet crowned, her reign is coming soon, and she would rather start being a good leader now.


Species: tyquin monsineis

Age: unknown (centuries, probably)

Gender: male

Home: Forest of Kawaru

Appearance: short, like a gnome, bright, patchy coat, grass-stained pants, plain little shoes, twinkling brown eyes, crooked nose, brown hair and beard

Family members: unknown

Talents/powers: casts spells, sees future

Hobbies: digging for truffles

Fears: not much of anything

Personality: cheerful, welcoming, forgetful

Goals: making things happy

Notes: Quitley is by far the most unique creature to appear in Rina’s world, especially since no one has ever seen another one of him.  He wants to make things right in the world, and he rarely understands the muddle his magic can make.  He supposes a few warnings and a little of advice is enough to help people handle the sometimes serious side effects of his magic.  He is on no grand campaign against evil magic or malignant creatures; he simply wants to make people happy.


Species: human

Age: 34

Gender: male

Home: Occorom

Appearance: brown hair

Family members: unknown

Talents/powers: a great swordsman

Hobbies: playing a flute

Fears: failing to protect the royal family

Personality: friendly, responsible, honest

Goals: to be the best guard ever

Notes: Paultrin is the head of the guard for the royal family when they travel.  He is considered trustworthy and honest.  He is a personal friend of Rina’s and he understands her frustrations with Hangree, but he considers the imperatives of her (and his) duty as most important.

This is The Airelga Scuttlebutt reporting from the grand capital, Reigla.  Today we feature an interview with none other than Princess Rina herself, just recently arrived to marry our own darling Prince Hangree.  After praising our beautiful city and saying the palace makes her feel right at home, the princess expressed her devotion to her betrothed’s opinions, and tells how it was Hangree’s renowned tracking skills that won her heart.


Princess Rina, what an honor!  Tell us, how do you like our capital?

Um, it’s very…nice.  Very clean, anyway.  Everything’s sort of whitewashed, like nothing real or lowly is allowed to be seen.  It’s all for show around here.


We do like to keep things clean.  And what do you think of our palace, the jewel of our city?

It’s okay, I guess.  I’ve seen a few palaces in my time, and it’s not very much different.


It makes you feel right at home then.  Well, let’s not beat around the bush: what do you think of your betrothed?  Isn’t Prince Hangree just–?

I’d rather not talk about the prince.


Too personal to talk about your own betrothed, I suppose.

Well, it’s just… Look, don’t pretend you’re interested in my opinion.  No one asked if I wanted to be betrothed; no one asked if I wanted to come here; no one asked if I wanted to marry Prince Hangree.  Nobody cares if I like him or not.


Are you excited for the wedding?

‘Excited’ is hardly the right word for it.


What color gown are you going to wear?

Whatever Hangree tells me, probably.


What kind of flowers are you going to have in your bouquet?

You really should ask Hangree all these questions; he certainly won’t let me decide.


I hear the prince is going to hold competitions and games in honor of the event.  Which competition do you think he’ll win?

All of them, I’m sure.  No one would dare beat him.  …But he’ll have to be a good tracker, if he wants to be my husband.